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Creating filigree is an art, an ancient art that in Yemen was passed down from father to son, generation to generation. The technique of designing filigree jewelry was considered a family secret that had been conveyed only within the inner circles of the family. More than that, the families who traditionally knew the skill, were close to crown hierarchy, and enjoyed the respectable status.
Ben-Zion David's filigree jewelrymastership was acquired through 8th generations of creativity, where each generation increased the inherited handmade filigree tools in order to create innovative styles that expressed the mood of times. He still uses these tools today.
There are a variety of techniques to create filigree effects, as visitors in our gallery & workshop may witness themselves. In the courtyard of our workshop, Ben Zion speaks openly about what was kept secret for centuries and demonstrates how to create filigree earrings and matching filigree rings, by using ancient, even tribal, tools that interweave very delicate silver handmade ropes hand crafted with semi-precious stones such as amethyst, garnet, carnelian, onyx, malachite, lapis, turquoise, coral, lava stones, ANCIENT ROMAN GLASS & Genuine Ancient Roman Coins.
Special attention is given to filigree necklaces that were considered princess pieces or traditional bridal attire.
Worldly and unique, these filigree styled jewelry outfits are enhanced with matching filigree bracelets, filigree pins & pendantsand impressive filigree necklaces, which correspond beautifully with dangling silver made filigree earrings.
Exposing a purely dazzling ethnic look, the Yemenite filigree jewelry once glorified queens, princesses and aristocratic ladies and today is a desirable symbol of exotic beauty. The demand for such jewelry with filigree design is constant, yet trendy and holds its own status in a class all its own in the fashion world of today.