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Handmade artisan jewelry
Here you can find an 8th generation silversmith creating delicate art inspired handmade silver jewelry in the old fashion way.  This artisan jewelry is handmade by using long forgotten techniques soldering and processing thin silver strands made by hand and hand-hammered silver plates.
The artist’s fashion minded attitude is well demonstrated in creating hand made silver rings, with matching hand made silver earrings, set with Mother Nature stones. The setting technique used in Ben-Zion's handmade jewelry can be found in the new Renaissance age thanks to the hand made knowledge inherited from his 8th generation hand made jewelry family expertise.
Hands made silver pendants are made with Ben-Zion's unique concept of glorifying the beauty of women’s neck. Using hand made silver elements combined together, he creates in his own outstanding artisan language, hand made silver necklaces that inspire, radiate and magnetize.    
All Benzi’s artisan handmade jewelry may well complete - and complement – the new wave of today’s fashion outfit, as he naturally expresses himself by offering Ethnic jewelry styled with contemporary touch.