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Yemenite Jewish Bride

The traditional Yemenite bride was dressed lavishly. Usually, a woman from the neighborhood who owned the entire outfit would come to the bride's home and dress her for the event.
Bridal outfits were similar in fashion for both Jewish and Muslim brides, however there were differences. A golden outer coat was worn by both of them. However, the pant legs for the Jewish bride had a star motif made out of silver and red silk. This pattern was known to be exclusively Jewish.
The tall head decoration was triangular in shape and bordered with fresh flowers. In the sides, branches of basil and rue were placed in accordance to their beliefs that it would protect them from evil eye.
The Muslim bride's head decoration was not as symmetrical and they wore different decorations.
Because the Silversmiths and jewelry makers were Jewish and the only occasion women were allowed to be lavish was for the bride, she was completely covered with elaborate jewelry . The decorations included amulet cases together with rows and rows of necklaces dangled with bells and corals, which at the time represented the ultimate beauty. In addition, there were temple ornaments on the headgear as well as filigree bracelets orderly arranged up to the elbows and filigree rings on every finger.