The Jewish Culture Museum of Yemenite Art was established by Ben Zion David in 2010. It is a cultural exchange center which preserves the Jewish Yemenite heritage. It is located in the artists' quarter of Ancient Jaffa alongside the workshop and Gallery, which was established in 1988.


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A traditional ethnic atmosphere is recreated with archive photos on the walls depicting the life of the Jews in Yemen and their culture, music, displays and even cuisine.


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The private exhibits display the dress of the traditional Yemenite Bride and her jewelry, old family silversmithing tools, traditional women's work, and an old family millstone. 


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Being deeply religious people, their songs were in the form of prayers and their words pronounced to absolute precision from the Torah. The most accurate pronunciation of the Hebrew language is spoken by Yemenite Jewish people to this day.


4[learning Torah, Torah Scroll / letters, Yemenite man reading upside down, mOri and children]


Music was and is an integral part of the Jewish Yemenite culture. Many successful Israeli musicians and performers are of Yemenite descent and are even known worldwide. From the early days of Israeli music, Shoshana Damari, the legendary Zohar Argov, Tzion Golan, Achinoam Nini, Grammy Award-nominee recording artist Ofra Haza and up to today with Ravid Kahalani of Yemen Blues, and the three Haim sisters A-WA. Ben Zion has had the honor to dress them with his jewels.


5[Achinoam Nini, Ofra, Ravid & AWA]


A visit to the Museum contains the ultimate Yemenite Jewish experience with all the visuals, informative videos, pamphlets and brochures available in many languages. To make the visit even sweeter, guests are served a complimentary spicy coffee prepared Yemenite style along with dates, in traditional Yemenite hospitality!


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Let us be your host for a fun and interesting visit to our location by the Mediterranean Sea. We will be happy to greet you for your special occasion or trip to Israel. Take home a touch of the "Yemenite" experience with you.