Israel is at War 2023

Am Israel Hai – עם ישראל חי………Together we stand and we shall overcome. 

Because of the war, many people in Israel are suffering now. In order to contribute during these troubled times, we are donating 5% of every order we receive to organizations that will help people in need. We will be pleased that you consider this your personal donation. Below are a few organizations that we are actively contributing to.

After you have placed your order, please choose one of the below options and your donation will be processed. A receipt will be included with your order.

Israel’s volunteer emergency services providers:

Israeli Defense Forces:

  • Friends of the IDF is a non-military organization that supports soldiers, veterans and their family members.

Mental health resources:

  • The Jewish National Fund started a “JNF-USA Israel Resilience Campaign” to support Israeli citizens who have had to flee their homes because of the conflict.


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