Sterling Silver Judaic Collection – Wine Fountain for Kiddush.




Both innovative and beautiful, this stunning Kiddush Wine fountain is an item that makes an amazing addition to every Judaica collection. It is divided into parts. The removable Kiddish cup, the spouted pouring basin creatively decorated with an elaborate filigree base shaped like the Star of David with the partial blessing over wine for Kiddush in Hebrew letters "boreh pri hagefen" meaning "Creator of the Fruit of the Vine" & 6 smaller cups. The cups are decorated with a lovely filigree design and semi precious stones and are held in place with magnets to prevent tipping. The cups can be personalized with names. Truly magnificent. Hand made in Israel by Ben Zion David Measurements: 26.5cm height x 20 cm width. Kiddush Cup alone measures 13.5cm x 6cm width at the base.



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