Yellow Gold Star of David Pendant with Shin






Do you have a Jewish Soul and want to find a beautiful jewel to express your Judaism? Perhaps you identify with the Jewish people or want to express your connection to the Nation of Israel? Wearing a Star of David close to your heart is a way to capture this feeling of protection and experience a bit of Jewish mysticism. Our Jewish star does both. Sitting on top of a triangle of filigree strands of gold, is the Hebrew letter Shin and when you look at them as a whole you see the Star of David come shining through. The 21st letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Shin is the first letter of G-d’s name, Shaddai meaning The Almighty. It is the first letter of the Hebrew word Shomer / שומר meaning to protect and guard. Choose from 14Kt or 18Kt, oxidized or not – all options are equally as beautiful. Measures 3cm height x 1.8cm width

Yellow Gold Star of David Pendant with Shin

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