Traditiional Yemenite Zambil Pendant





This unique pendant is in the shape of a basket that appears to have been filled and then tied at the top. It is a traditional Yemenite jewel that was once attached to the headdress of the Yemenite bride. They were worn as a set, one on each side, set with antique coral pieces, filigree beads and dangling by her face in order to highlight the beautiful bride on her special day. The name in Yemenite language of this item is called Zambil. Although worn as a pendant today, this ancient item from an ancient culture has a special beauty and significance as an item worn by the Yemenite Bride in her wedding ceremony escorting her into her new status as a married woman. Choose from silver or gold overlay. Measures 4cm width x 7cm length. Design by Ben-Zion David, Handmade in Israel. If you need a chain, we recommend: ROLO 3.2, ROLO 2.5, RT-50, CORIANA, ROPE 2, PURCHASE A CHAIN HERE


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