Shema Israel Ring with silver and gold borders






Shema Israel – THE holy phrase which guides and protects the Jewish people, is at the heart of every Jew and is included in the daily prayers. The Shema declares the belief in one creator and is a sacred part of the Jewish people’s history. Tefillin, to be put on every day, contain the Shema and other integral Torah Biblical writings. The strap of the tefillin is wrapped around the arm down to the middle finger. Accordingly, we present our Shema Israel ring, designed by Ben Zion David. This symbolic ring is hand crafted with the Shema phrase in bold Hebrew letters on a lovely center band of silver filigree bordered by solid gold edges. Choose from silver & 14Kt yellow gold or silver & 18Kt yellow gold. Available in US sizes 4 – 14.

Shema Israel Ring with silver and gold borders

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