yemenite sterling, ltd

Welcome to America!

“Yemenite Sterling” is a combined artistic force between Elizabeth Peña and Ben-Zion David. He has been Elizabeth’s mentor and teacher of Yemenite filigree since 1987. By displaying in art shows and street exhibitions, Elizabeth, with Ben Zion’s constant guidance, has slowly brought the ART OF YEMENITE FILIGREE from Soho to Grand Rapids by way of Israel. 

“Ben Zion is an inspiration to me. He and his team have guided me to achieve my goals and reach my dream. The hard work has finally paid off and this unique art is now available in the USA. I am proud to carry on this traditional work and present it to you.” Elizabeth Peña  

Elizabeth currently works out of Grand Rapids, MI. And so, Yemenite jewelry definitely has a promising future as well as an interesting past.

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